Coronavirus Holiday Cancellations & Refunds

Coronavirus Holiday Cancellations & Refunds

Has the Coronavirus affected your holiday plans? Here is a little more information on what to do if you have Holiday Cancellations & Refunds to organise.

Firstly, please note that this is a constantly evolving situation. As such, advice may change. Please contact us if you have questions that this document is unable to answer.

When Can I Travel On Holiday in Scotland?

Wondering if your holiday will go ahead? In Scotland, holiday establishments are hoping to reopen mid-July in line with the government’s guidance and procedures. But, this is all dependent on if the “R” rating remains safe. As such, holiday accommodations in Scotland will be implementing new procedures and policies as required by the government. These will include increased cleaning and disinfectant measures as well as contactless check-ins and social distancing. We advise contacting your holiday provider, prior to travelling in order to understand these measures. And to ensure you are comfortable to the level of policies and procedures in place.

Coronavirus Holiday Cancellations & Refunds

Please note; you will not get your money back if you cancel a future holiday because you no longer want to travel. As such, you must wait until your arrangements are cancelled by the holiday providers.

Girl sitting upset on her bed due to her holiday being cancelled with her laptop and open suitcase

If you wish to change or cancel your travel plans, follow these steps:

  1. Contact your airline, travel company, cruise line or other transport and accommodation providers and ask what their policy is. Ask if you can postpone your holiday to a later date.
  2. If this is not possible, it is now time to contact your travel insurance provider.

For full guidance and information, see our regularly updated Coronavirus Holiday Cancellations & Refunds guidance document.

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