Online shopping at Christmas time

8 Tips To Avoiding Christmas Debt

Avoid getting into debt this Christmas Christmas debt is a serious problem in the UK. A third of people in Britain borrow money each year to buy Christmas presents. This is nearly 17 million people. 2.3 million people will miss a regular payment of rent, electricity or another vital service in order to pay for […]

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Gambling Addiction Support

Advice and Support for Gambling Addiction Gambling addiction is a real problem in Scotland, affecting over 200,000 people. Although lockdown prevented everyone from gambling at a bookies, the use of online gambling soared making it easier for people to gamble their money on everything from slot machines to horses. Those with a gambling addiction have […]

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A woman looking happy and free as Autumn leaves fall around her.

Tackling Poverty in Scotland

Let’s make it history Even before coronavirus, around a million people in Scotland were reported to be living in poverty. According to an up-to-date independent report by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation last year, poverty is still rife across the country. Moreover, the Trade Union Congress has found that one in five kids of Scots key workers are among […]

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Spring Clean Your Finances

Improve your finances with a financial health check Spring has sprung, the sun is shining. There’s no better time to spring clean your finances. Here, we’re sharing 10 tips to improve your finances. Also, at East Dunbartonshire Citizens Advice Bureau, you can speak to the Money Talk Team for free. So let’s get your finances […]

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Mastercard credit card fees

Do you use Mastercard credit cards? Mastercard has warned that its credit card fees may rise by the end of 2021 for online purchases from the EU.

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A couple agreeing finance on a new car

Ways to Finance a Car

Buying a car is a big deal. It’s a lot of money for one purchase, but for many, owning a car is vital for them to get to work, pick up the children or just to get out and enjoy Scotland. But even if you have the cash to hand, is that the best way to finance a car? Or should you take out a loan and, if so, from where?

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A father showing his son how to budget