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Worried about Winter Bills?

At East Dunbartonshire Citizens Advice Bureau in west-central Scotland, we are here to help. If you live or work in the East Dunbartonshire area, we can give you personalised advice on paying your winter bills, money, debt, budgeting, financial issues and more. Please contact us herechat online or call us on 0141 775 3220. If you reside outside of East Dunbartonshire, please contact your own local Citizens Advice Bureau for assistance. Find them here.

Bills and debt

Are you worried about your energy bills and the debts that they might lead to? Well, you’re not alone.

Analysis from Citizens Advice Scotland shows that over 360,000 people across the country are concerned about the arrears on their energy accounts. The costs of energy have been rising steadily since 2011, and as a result, the arrears have soared. Not only does this impact our banks, budgets and purses, but it’s taking a real toll on people’s mental states, too.

It’s no secret why, after all, the energy prices across the UK have risen time and time again in the last 18 months alone. So much so that the average energy debt that those who come to Citizens Advice Scotland seeking debt advice are faced with averages at £2,307. That’s an increase of almost £500 from last year.

Couple checking their budget on laptop
Are you worried about your winter bills?

Hard to cover winter costs

This is a lot to handle, especially when other bills are just as high. As we get into the depths of winter many people have found themselves at their wit’s end. The CAB has been visited by people who have debts of £2,000. The people, through no fault of their own, have had their income reduced. Making it even harder to cover debts and everyday expenses. Some of the people who have turned to us have even expressed that the debt is causing them to suffer from suicidal thoughts.

The concern among the Scottish public about their debt has increased so much that the demand for advice from the CAB has increased by 34%. In response to the crisis that these debts and soaring bills are causing, Matthew Lee, the Citizens Advice Bureau Social Justice spokesperson has come forward, saying:

“The Citizens Advice network is here for people. We’re for everyone whether they are in work or not and you can get advice in a variety of ways. From our online advice pages to interactive self-help tools.”

He went on to discuss the help that the Citizens Advice Bureau has already been able to give. Stating that so far, the average gain for people who sought energy advice from CAB was £400. For those who sought general advice, however, that figure rose to £3,700.

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We can help

What help is there?

The CAB has set up a campaign to encourage people who need support to seek advice. Take a look at The page is designed to allow you to personalise the support you get. Allowing you to pick which is best for you.

Whether you’d like to speak to our Money Talk Team. Or you think you need help claiming universal credit, we’re here for you. We have free support online. And information about all sorts of grants and benefits that can help you to pay your energy bills.

Our support doesn’t stop there, though. You can book an appointment to speak to someone in person. Or browse our website for all sorts of useful tips and tricks to help you handle the cost of living crisis.

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