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Coronavirus scams in the UK

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that even during disasters, people will still try to profit from others. This is the case at the moment during Covid-19 pandemic. Whilst most of the country pulls together in times of crisis, we always have to be aware of those who will seek to prey on the vulnerable […]

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Coronavirus and Payment Holidays

The Coronavirus pandemic has hit everyone financially. In order to release the strain slightly, payment holidays from paying rent and mortgages have been made more readily available.  Payment holidays are agreements you make with whoever you pay your mortgage or rent to. It means you don’t have to pay anything for up to a few […]

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Nearly one third of people in Scotland worried about household finances

Financial difficulty due to Coronavirus Many people in East Dunbartonshire who may be experiencing financial difficulty as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak. We can offer help on what to do next. Research was recently commissioned by the Scottish Government in partnership with YouGov. Nearly a third of people across Scotland have already felt the […]

Coronavirus Holiday Cancellations & Refunds
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Coronavirus: Sick Pay and Benefits

Coronavirus covid-19 update: For the latest specific advice on coronavirus covid-19, please see the NHS and UK government website. In the current climate, East Dunbartonshire Citizens Advice Bureau understand you may be wary of accessing our services face to face. So we are happy to answer any queries by telephone or email, if you do not wish to […]