A woman with grey hair looking upset on a phone
A woman with a face mask worried about a phone text

Coronavirus scams in the UK

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that even during disasters, people will still try to profit from others. This is the case at the moment during Covid-19 pandemic. Whilst most of the country pulls together in times of crisis, we always have to be aware of those who will seek to prey on the vulnerable […]

A woman looks at her phone after being the victim of an HMRC phone scam

How to Avoid HMRC Phone Scams

Being Aware of HMRC phone scams Most people are well aware of the dangers posed by scammers online. These include bogus websites, hacked email accounts and even fake Facebook accounts. What is just as important to be aware of is the rising prevalence of phone scams. These can affect everyone who uses mobiles or landlines. One […]

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How to protect yourself from online scams

Staying safe and secure when surfing the web Going online to buy shopping, play games and do research is commonplace today, but increasingly we need to be careful of online scams. Fraudsters around the world send 14.5 billion spam emails every day. This article will tell you how to stay safe, and what to look […]