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A disabled child interacts with his carer

Child Disability Payment

Are you a carer for a child with a disability in Scotland? If so, you may be eligible for support via the first new Scottish disability benefit, the Child Disability Payment. And this new payment is due to launch nationally on 22 November 2021. Child Disability Payment Social Security Scotland is launching this benefit scheme […]

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5 Steps To Mental Wellbeing

Mental Wellbeing Self Help Steps Did you know that we have a specialist team of mental wellbeing experts here at East Dunbartonshire CAB? So, if you are struggling with your personal wellbeing and need help, simply speak to your doctor and request a GP referral to our services. But in the meantime, we are here, […]

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A woman with depression slumps on a sofa

Depression Advice

Getting help with depression Depression is a mental health problem that affects one in ten people over their lives in Scotland. It is common, and not a problem to be ashamed about. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources available, online and in-person, to help with depression.  What is depression? Many people think that depression is […]

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Anxiety Advice – Self Help

Anxiety help, advice and resources Anxiety is the feeling you get when you are worried that something bad might happen. It’s when you are wound up, and can’t think of anything else. It might be distracting you from your daily tasks, and find it hard to concentrate on anything else. It can keep you awake […]

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Gambling Addiction Support

Advice and Support for Gambling Addiction Gambling addiction is a real problem in Scotland, affecting over 200,000 people. Although lockdown prevented everyone from gambling at a bookies, the use of online gambling soared making it easier for people to gamble their money on everything from slot machines to horses. Those with a gambling addiction have […]

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What to do if you’re being bullied at work

Workplace Bullying Advice Workplace bullying includes both verbal and physical abuse at work. You may feel unfairly treated, intimidated, humiliated, excluded or harassed. If someone’s behaviour at work is making you feel uncomfortable, there are things that you can do about it. Talk about it Being bullied at work causes a great deal of stress […]

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How to Protect Yourself and Others from Viruses

Coronavirus covid-19 update: For the latest specific advice on coronavirus covid-19, please see the NHS and UK government website. In the current climate, East Dunbartonshire Citizens Advice Bureau understand you may be wary of accessing our services face to face. So we are happy to answer any queries by telephone or email, if you do not wish to […]