Happy family in summer on the beach

How to stay cool in the summer

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When summer comes around it can very quickly become difficult not to feel like you’re constantly sweaty and warm. While some people might enjoy the heat, it is important to cool down occasionally to ensure our bodies can work how they need to and prevent us from dehydrating. This can seem easier said than done, especially for people who live in flats or in the city where the heat is even more pervasive. So how to stay cool in the summer?

We’ve got some nice and simple cooling tips for summer to make sure that you can relax and look after yourself!

Happy family in summer on the beach

Drink plenty of water

Drinking enough water is important all year round, but it is fundamental to staying cool and healthy in the summer. The body loses a significant amount of liquid through sweat when it’s hot out, and without replenishing this, you’ll find yourself getting dehydrated. You should aim to drink at least 6 glasses of water each day, which should increase if you’re doing anything that involves you sweating more than normal, or if you’re unwell.

Wear the right clothes

Plenty of people don’t know how to dress when the summer comes. People often assume that the best way to stay cool is to wear shorts and a vest top or a t-shirt. But that’s not necessarily the case. If you want to keep cool, the best things you can wear are lightweight and breathable clothes. Items made of cotton or linen are the best in the summer, as they allow air circulation helping sweat to evaporate and keep you cool. You should also opt for lighter-coloured clothing. Dark colours absorb the sunlight, and this will inevitably make you warmer.

Finding suitable summer clothes may seem impossible for those who work in offices. But a pair of black linen trousers and a blouse or shirt, a thin cotton summer dress, or a linen suit will help to combat the office heat. You could also wear something else on your way to and from work. Changing into something more suitable for the office when you get there.

Cool showers and baths

Cool water is a great way to cool down. A quick splash in a cool shower or a cool bath will help lower your internal body temperature. This can help combat things like heatstroke. A cool shower is often the quickest, guaranteed way to provide immediate relief from the heat. It’s a great way to stay cool this summer. 

If you’ve not got time for a shower, you could always keep a spray bottle of water in the fridge and spritz your face on a regular basis to cool down.

Close up image of water coming out of a shower head
A cool shower can help

Turn on the fan

Fans can be a saving grace, especially for people who live in flats and have the heat from other properties affecting their home. They’re inexpensive and, when used right, can really help to reduce the temperature of your house.

The best way to use a fan is to put a bowl of ice in front of it. Make sure it is higher than sitting on the floor. Consider putting it on a footstool or table if need be. And when you have it on, ensure you’ve got the windows and curtains shut. That way it can push the cold air around the house without fighting with hot air coming in from outside.

Make your own cool patches

Put cold water on flannels and freeze them for quick relief cool patches. These are great for pets, too.

Make your own ice lollies

Ice lollies are a great way to relieve yourself from the heat. And if you’ve got little ones, it’s a good way to get them involved, too. All you need is some lollipop sticks, yoghurt pots and some space in the freezer! These are a great way to get some of your five-a-day in too, simply use fruit juice for your ice poles. Take a look at these tasty recipes for ice lollies.

Selection of home made ice lollies with ice and fruit
Make your own ice lollies

Prepare your house

Our homes were, for the most part, built to retain heat. As a result, when summer comes around, we are all left suffering! The best thing you can do for your house during the summer is keep all the windows and curtains closed until later in the evening when the sun starts to set. This will keep the heat out of your home during the day, ensuring it’s as cool as can be.

Visit cool places

While the summer is often spent visiting some great spots, it is worth visiting some actually physically cool places when it gets hot. Places like your local library, restaurants, community centres…. Even your local supermarket is likely to have air conditioning. You may not be able to stay for long, but it’s worth a quick walk around!

Freeze a water bottle

Filling a water bottle with water and placing it in the freezer overnight will allow you to have quick access to cold water all day long the next day. This can be great for days out, or just to have at work. It can be a good idea for the kids for school, too!

So there you have it. Our top tips on how to stay cool in the summer. You can also take a look at the tips from the NHS. Do you have a tip to share? Let us know on our Facebook page and share your top cooling tips for summer.

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