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Will Aid and Will Relief Scotland

Will Aid in Scotland

Will Aid is a UK scheme where solicitors provide a free will-writing service in exchange for a donation to charity. A group of partner charities share these vital funds to carry out their work. Will Aid in Scotland, and UK-wide, takes place every November.

Will Relief Scotland

This is a similar scheme to Will Aid, but it happens in September each year and is only available in Scotland. Again, solicitors will provide you with a free will and you are invited to make a donation to a group of partner charities.

Sign Up for Free Will-Writing Services

You can use the Will Aid and Will Relief Scotland websites to search for participating solicitors in your area. Then you can contact the solicitor directly to make an appointment, explaining you’d like help making a will, as part of the scheme. If appointments are closed, you can sign up for email updates and you will be notified when they open again the following year.

How Much to Donate

There are no legal fees due for either of these services and you can decide how much to donate to charity. Will Aid solicitors suggest a donation of £95 for a single will, and £150 for a pair of mirror wills. But you can pay more or less, it’s up to you.

Get Free Will Advice

At East Dunbartonshire Citizens Advice Bureau, we offer free and confidential will advice. We can check if any local solicitors are taking part in Will Aid in Scotland or Will Relief Scotland. And we can answer any other will-related questions you may have. See our Will Advice page for more details.

And while you are considering your Will you may also want to think about ‘Power of Attorney’. You can read more about this here in our article.


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